Les Golding is an artist working within the medium of photography with a specialist interest in wildlife and nature where his particular interest lies in ornithology.

Les retired from commercial photography after over 40 years in the business in 2015, where he worked within the Museums and Art Gallery sector with Tyne and Wear Museums and Art Galleries.

mute swan_2_1
Mute Swans on the nest

All images on this site are the sole copyright of Les Golding Photography and are available for reproduction in magazine, book and tv production. To discuss rights and fees please contact Les for a quotation.

Les Golding is more than happy for schools, colleges and universities to use photographs free of charge for academic and research purposes. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and describe how you will be using the images.

My work is also available through the Shutterstock Agency

Winter plumage great crested grebe in closeup on water. very bright red eyes
Female Great Crested Grebe

Summer plumage great crested grebe in closeup on water.
Male Great Crested Grebe

Great Crested Grebe feeding_14
Great Crested Grebe with Fish

Great Crested Grebe feeding_08
Great Crested Grebe with Fish

Great Crested Grebe feeding_32
Great Crested Grebe with Fish
Coot chicks_05
Coot on the nest with chicks

Coot chicks_13
Coot on the nest with chicks

Coot chicks_33
Coot on the nest with chicks

Adult Buzzard in flight
Common Buzzard


Closeup view of a Moorhen out of water with red and yellow beak black body and yellow legs

Wood Pigeon

A Chaffinch with viral papilloma of the feet.
Chaffinch with viral papilloma

Very closeup view of a grey eating a nut.
Grey Squirrel

Head shot of a male Mallard with vivid green feathers and yellow beak
Male Mallard

Closeup view of a Tufted Duck with pale blue beak, dark green head feathers black and white body.
Male Tufted Duck

Bull rushes in late afternoon sunlight
Bull Rush

A Cormorant swimming with most of it's body submerged. Bright green eyes and yellow spot beneath the beak

A Weazel coming out of it's den between moss covered rocks

A Male Mallard duck standing upright on water while flapping it's wings during grooming.
Male Mallard

Green Aphids climbing on the stem of a rose bush.
Aphids on Rose Bush

A Treecreeper climbing and looking for food on moss covered tree trunck.
Tree Creeper

A Treecreeper walking upside down along the under side of a branch.
Tree Creeper

Late after noon sunshine at Bradgate Park with Priory in the background and with a group of twelve deer in foreground.
Bradgate Priory with Deer

A Moorhen walking on ice covered water.
Moorhen on Ice

A pair of Cormorants resting on a jetty out on a reservoir.
Male and Female Cormorant

A Cormorant resting on a branch above the water of Thornton Reservoir, England

A solitary fisherman in a boat in early morning golden light
Fishing on Thornton Reservoir

A Nuthatch bird in close up - blue back orange underside.

A long line of male and female Tufted Duck on the water.
Male and female tufted duck

rA pack of Roe Deer at Bradgate Park bask in late afternoon sunlight.
Roe Deer

Majestic Mute Swan glides effortlessly over the water.
Mute Swan

Dead tree trunk lying on the ground in Bradgate park rich in textures
Bradgate Park Dead Tree in Autumn Sunshine

A Goldcrest resting on the branches of a pine tree

A Grey squirrel feeding on the ground in autumnal sunlight
Grey Squirrel

A Tufted Duck closeup on the water with beads of water on it's head and body
Tufted Duck

A Comma butterfly (vivid orange with dark patches) at rest on a yellow shrub.
Comma Butterfly

A Pied Wagtail stood on the jetty of a reservoir.
Pied Wagtail

A pair Red Deer at Calke Abbey displaying their atlers
Red Deer at Calke Abbey

Mute Swan gliding majestically through the mirror like water.
Mute Swan

A Kingfisher perched on a branch over water.

A Head shot of a male Mallard with beautiful vivid green feathers and yellow beak.
Male Mallard

A deer at Bradgate Park turns to look at the photographer.
Stag Deer in Bradgate Park

A closeup photograph of a Robin looking directly down the camera lens.

A Grey Herron standing very high up in the brach of a tree
Grey Heron high in a tree

A view through conifer trees in a forest
Forest Interior

A Dunnock sitting on the branch of a bramble bush.

A Roe Deer running at speed in Bradgate Park
Roe Deer Running

Another Mute Swan gliding on mirror like water.
Mute Swan

A pair of male and female Mallard sitting on a mound surrounded by water and reeds.
Male and Female Mallard

2 Fishermen in a boat on Thornton Reservoir
Fishing on Thornton Reservoir

A Female Mallard head only photograph with lovely mottled beak.
Female Mallard

A Mute Swan head only portrait with orange beak and black around
Mute Swan

A Fallow deer at Bradgate Park with very impressive antlers
Stag Deer in Bradgate Park

A Mute Swan swimming down river under large fallen tree
Mute Swan

A Canada Goose in flight
Canada Goose in flight

A male Mallard duck with snow on beak in winter
Male Mallard with snow on beak

A Robin standing on a moss covered tree stump

Young Fallow Deer running quickly with giant tree trunk behind
Young Fallow Deer Running

A majestic female Mallard stands on  a rock in the middle of fast flowing stream
Female Mallard

wA closeup view of a Widgeon on the water.

Closeup view of a hybrid male Mallard
Hybrid Male Mallard

A group of Fallow deer on bracken covered hillside in Bradgate Park.
Fallow Deer on bracken covered hillside

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