Les Golding is an artist working within the medium of photography with a specialist interest in wildlife and nature where his particular interest lies in ornithology.

Les retired from commercial photography after over 40 years in the business in 2015, where he worked within the Museums and Art Gallery sector with Tyne and Wear Museums and Art Galleries.

I prefer to position my subject, wether bird or animal, within the context of its habitat. I am not overly keen on the "portrait" type of image as the viewer is unlikely to learn anything from the viewing experience. The "portrait" type image is a necessary form when utilised within a reference book.



All images on this site are the sole copyright of Les Golding Photography and are available for reproduction in magazine, book and tv production. To discuss rights and fees please contact Les for a quotation.

Les Golding is more than happy for schools, colleges and universities to use photographs free of charge for academic and research purposes. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and describe how you will be using the images.

great tit
Great Tit in flight

Fallow Deer04
Fallow Deer at the Gallop

Fallow Deer_51
Fallow Deer

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