Les Golding is an artist working within the medium of photography with a specialist interest in wildlife and nature where his particular interest lies in ornithology.

Les retired from commercial photography after over 40 years in the business in 2015, where he worked within the Museums and Art Gallery sector with Tyne and Wear Museums and Art Galleries.

fallow deer in shade
Fallow Deer Stag

All images on this site are the sole copyright of Les Golding Photography and are available for reproduction in magazine, book and tv production. To discuss rights and fees please contact Les for a quotation.

Les Golding is more than happy for schools, colleges and universities to use photographs free of charge for academic and research purposes. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and describe how you will be using the images.

My work is also available through Shutterstock

Photograph of a majestic Stag Deer in Bradgate Park
Stag Deer in Bradgate Park

great crested grebe
Female Great Crested Grebe

great crested grebe 2
Male Great Crested Grebe

Photo of buzzard in flight
Common Buzzard

Stag Deer standing on beer legs to eat from branches of tree in Bradgate Park
Stag Deer standing on rear legs to eat from branches of tree

Photo of  a moorhen

Photo of  chaffinch with viral papilloma
Chaffinch with viral papilloma

Photo of  a grey squirrel closeup
Grey Squirrel

Photo of  amale mallard head in closeup
Male Mallard

Photo of a tufted duck
Male Tufted Duck

Photograph of bull rushes
Bull Rush

Photograph of a Common Frog poking it's head abover the surface of the water in a pond.
Common Frog

Photograph of a mute swan in head shoulder
Mute Swan

Photograph of cormorant swimming on reservoir

Photograph of stoat or weazel coming out of whole in rocks
Stoat or Weasel?

Photograph of a male mallard upright in water flapping it's wings
Male Mallard

Photograph of aphids on a rose bush
Aphids on Rose Bush

Photograph of a treecreeper on a mossy tree
Tree Creeper

Photograph of treecreeper walking along the underside of a branch
Tree Creeper

Photograph of bradgate parkpriory with deer walking by in foreground
Bradgate Priory with Deer

Photograph of moorhen walking on ice
Moorhen on Ice

Photograph of a pair of cormorants sitting on a jetty
Male and Female Cormorant

Photograph of male cormorant sitting on a branch over water

Photograph of a man fishing from a small boat in early morning sunlight
Fishing on Thornton Reservoir

Photograph of a Nuthatch feeding on a wall

Photograph of male and female tufted duck swimming in a line
Male and female tufted duck

Photograph of Roe deer at bradgate park in afternoon light
Roe Deer

Photograph of  mute swan
Mute Swan

Photograph of dead tree lying bradgate park
Bradgate Park Dead Tree in Autumn Sunshine

Photograph of goldcrest sitting on a fur tree branch

Photograph of a Grey squirrel feeding on the ground
Grey Squirrel

Photograph of Tufted duck swimming
Tufted Duck

Photograph of a Comma butterfly on yellow flower
Comma Butterfly

Photograph of Pied wagtail sitting on a jetty
Pied Wagtail

Photograph of Red deer at calke abbey
Red Deer at Calke Abbey

Photograph of Mute swan gliding over water
Mute Swan

Photograph of Kingfisher sitting on a branch

Photograph of Male Mallard closeup head and shoulders
Male Mallard

Photograph of Fallow deer at bradgate park
Stag Deer in Bradgate Park

Photograph of a Robin

Photograph of Grey Herron high in a tree
Grey Heron high in a tree

fPhotograph of woodland interior in autumn sunshine
Forest Interior

Photograph of Dunnock sitting on a branch

Photograph of a Roe Deer running at bradgate
Roe Deer Running

Photograph of  a Mute Swan
Mute Swan

Photograph of a male and female Mallard resting on island in water
Male and Female Mallard

Two men fishing from a small boat on Thornton Reservoir, Leicestershire, England
Fishing on Thornton Reservoir

Photograph of female Mallard
Female Mallard

Photograph of Mute Swan head
Mute Swan

Photograph of a stag Roe deer with antlers at bradgate park
Stag Deer in Bradgate Park

Photograph of Mute Swan on a river
Mute Swan

Photograph of a Canada goose in flight
Canada Goose in flight

Photograph of Mallard with snow on beak
Male Mallard with snow on beak

Photograph of robin on moss covered tree stump

Photograph of Fallow Deer running
Young Fallow Deer Running

Photograph of female Mallard
Female Mallard

Photograph of widgeon duck swimming

Photograph of a hybrid male Mallard
Hybrid Male Mallard

Photograph of Fallow deer on bracken covered hillside
Fallow Deer on bracken covered hillside

This site was launched in December 2017 and images will be added on an almost daily basis so please make a point of returning regularly.